Agile Development
Agile Development

Agile Development

Valiant Solutions offers the following Agile Development services:

  • Custom Application Development
  • Application Architecture
  • Application Operations & Maintenance
  • Testing and Quality Assurance Service
  • Orchestration & Automation Services
  • Project andProgram Management
  • Change Management
  • System Integration

Agile Development – We build security into our systems!

Valiant Solutions has the expertise to help you develop custom solutions that will help you meet your organization’s goals and objectives and solve your most critical business problems. Our team will work closely with you to understand your unique situation and how to best solve your problems using the latest system and software development methodologies that build security into your systems. We focus on ensuring the success of your projects by understanding how these changes impact the end user as well as the organization. Valiant Solutions will support your system and software development initiatives from concept to completion through every phase of the system development lifecycle.

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At Valiant Solutions, our goal is to help you deliver more powerful, secure solutions faster and we do that by leveraging leading edge methodologies such as Agile. Our project managers are experts in Agile delivery and can help your team fully realize the benefits of Agile as well as help transition your organization from other delivery models to this powerful methodology that delivers the solutions you want in a timely manner.

great agile development teamOur experts have learned that the best way to ensure the development of a secure solution is to bring security to the forefront of system development. By leveraging Agile, our expertise in Cloud development, and our expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS), our teams are able to build custom solutions based on solid and proven security practices that will get your applications out in front of your end users faster. Valiant Solutions has established a track record of developing solutions that accelerate the receipt of an Authorization to Operate (ATO) certification by building security into our systems.Agile Agility Nimble Quick Fast Volant Concept

Whether you require unique system development or specific business problems solved, Valiant Solutions provides the talent and expertise to build solutions that will drive your enterprise forward. We optimize your business practices by analyzing your mission goals and objectives and facilitating communication and collaboration through DevOps using Agile methodologies.

We Provide Cloud Strategy and Consulting Solutions for All of  Your Clouds!