Valiant’s Cybersecurity Services

  • SecDevOps
  • SecSysOps
  • Governance, Risk, Compliance
  • Penetration testing, incident response, forensics
  • Vulnerability Management
  • SIEM and big data security analytics
  • SOC monitoring and analysis

SecDevOps – Automation And Orchestration To Transform Your Security Program

Our team is creating enormous value for our government clients using automation in on-premises data centers and in the cloud to implement security controls and monitor them. Be it the automated implementation of firewall rules, hardening settings, or tool integration using code, we can show you a bright future which will reduce errors and make security better than it’s ever been before.

By leveraging automation you can use resources that are now freed up to take your security program to new heights focusing on new problems; finding opportunities in your security data, and building or enhancing new security features you’ve never been able to dedicate time to. Let Valiant show you the way!

Get more out of your tools and data

Our team got sick of hearing ‘the tools don’t work’ so we set out to make them work for our clients. Be they vulnerability management or SIEM tools, we know how to turn them around so you can see the yields. Security tools can well work on their own but they can be even more powerful when connected together and we’re here to make that happen for you.

Many organizations don’t know what security data to collect, they don’t collect the right data, or they don’t collect enough. Valiant Solutions can guide you into the new world of Big Data Security Analytics and show you what opportunities lie in your data to strengthen security, increase performance, and report and monitor your information security program like never before.

Prevention, Detection, Policy, Compliant and Secure.

Cyber security concept touched by a businessman on virtual screPrevention, Detection, Policy, Compliant and Secure.

Valiant Solutions is leading the way with innovative Cybersecurity solutions in the on-premise datacenter and in the cloud. With a strong team of engineers and analysts Valiant provide solutions to your problems and operations from SecDevOps and SecSysOps through to Government Risk and Compliance.

We at Valiant are firm believers in finding ways to innovate while keeping the lights on and our team do this by improving operational processes and implementing automation and orchestration. This creates efficiencies and reduces human error when implementing security controls for systems and devices. Valiant use automation to maintain availability, and increase the effectiveness of confidentiality and integrity controls in your organization.

Our team of experts has a wealth of experience securing more traditional network and system architectures and can help you squeeze more from what you’ve got in policy, procedure, controls, detection, and prevention. We’ll grow and enhance your security posture with value.

We Provide Cloud Strategy and Consulting Solutions for All of  Your Clouds!