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    Current Events

    Family Picnic

    Join us for a day of fun! You and your immediate family are invited to be a part of the Family Picnic on Saturday, July 27, 2024 from 11am-3pm at Rock Creek Mansion in Bethesda, MD.  For travel and event details, explore the Valiant Family Picnic website. Please RSVP here by June 26th.  Contact Shea Raydo if you have questions.

    Past Events

    Holiday Party

    Team Valiant brought the fun to the Holiday Party at Howl at the Moon DC! Check out all the Professional Photos and 360 Degree photo booth.

    Fitness Challenge for Charity (Spring)

    Thank you to all those that participated in our Fitness Challenge for Charity. In only 10 days, 40 teammates were able to achieve 4074 total miles which equates to $4074 in donations to their chosen charities. That is a new record for total effort and donations! Congrats to the Trophy Winners:

    • Elliott Hirzel won Most Walk Steps & Most Combined Miles with a total of 217,800 steps (averaging 21.7 miles/day) and 380 strength minutes- with a grand total effort of 256 total miles!
    • Thomas Lewis won Most Run Steps with a total of 177,381 steps averaging 17.7 miles/day!
    • Richard Adarkwa won Most Bike Miles with a total of 142 bike miles averaging 14.2 miles/day!
    • Mike Hitchings won Most Strength Minutes with a total of 510 minutes averaging 51 minutes/day!

    Poker Tournament

    Congrats to David Campbell for the big win in the Valiant Poker Tournament! 

    Game of GAmes
    Trophy Winners

    An icon representing Valiant's Game of Games

    Leo Trendowicz

    EVP, Corporate IT

    Game of Games Winner (Year 1)
    Chess Champ 2020, Poker Champ 2021, Codenames Team Champ 2021

    David Ellis

    Senior Archer engineer

    Family Feud Champ 2020

    Geoff Gregory

    Chief Operating Officer

    Family Feud Champ 2020

    Marcus Bowie

    Security Engineer

    Mayor of Chess 2020 & 2022 & 2023

    Tom Zarycki

    Incident REsponse Analyst

    Jeopardy Champ 2020, Smartini Hour Team Champ 2022, Poker Champ 2022

    Cat Buchanan

    EVP, Talent &
    Culture Strategy

    Fitness Challenge for Charity Champ Fall 2021

    Katy Workman

    Technical Recruiter

    Fitness Challenge for Charity Champ Spring 2021

    Tim PUTZ

    director, Security
    Advancement & Operations

    Fitness Challenge for Charity Champ Spring 2021

    Brittany Gload

    EVP, Strategic Initiatives

    Fitness Challenge for Charity Champ Fall 2021 & Winter 2022 & Fall 2022

    Mark Williams

    It & QA Support

    Codenames Team Champ 2021

    Nate Raydo

    Government Solutions

    Chess Champ (Novice) 2022

    Kannan Chithiraputhiran

    Sr. DevSecOps Engineer

    Fitness Challenge for Charity Champ Winter 2022, Fall 2022

    Sara Wenke

    Culture & Marketing

    Fitness Challenge for Charity Champ Spring 2022, Smartini Hour Champ Spring 2022 &Fall 2022

    Drew Fields

    Proposal writer &
    Program Specialist

    Jeopardy Champ 2021 & 2022

    David Foli

    Technical SEcurity

    Fitness Challenge for Charity Champ Spring 2022 & Fall 202

    Shrikant Agashe

    security operations

    Chess Champ 2023

    Richard adarkwa

    Senior ISSO

    Fitness Challenge for Charity Champ
    Spring 2023 & Fall 2023

    Tayo Tychus

    principal consultant

    Chess Champ 2024

    Do you have a suggestion for an upcoming game or event?  Email Sara Wenke or Shea Raydo

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