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    Current Events

    Holiday Party

    Save the date: December 9th at Howl at the Moon in Washington D.C. More details coming soon!

    Past Events

    Summer Picnic

    Thank you for attending the Family Picnic- it was a huge success! To view ALL the photos from the picnic please go to Kendra's Photography page. Download your favorites by via computer by clicking on a photo and selecting download from the top middle. Or if you are using a mobile device, select a photo and click the download icon on the bottom right. If you have any questions, please contact Kendra.

    D.C. United Soccer Game

    What a game! The Valiant team watched the DC United Soccer team beat Charlotte FC (3-0) and witnessed Christian Benteke score with a bicycle kick!! Thank you to those that attended - we hope you enjoyed yourself!

    Please complete this 2-minute survey so we can continue to improve on our events.

    Fitness Challenge for Charity (Spring)

    Thank you to all those that participated in our Spring 2023 Fitness Challenge for Charity. In only 10 days, we were able to achieve 3234 total miles!

    Chess Tournament

    The Valiant Chess Tournament has concluded and we had an epic run by Virgilio Grande Garcia who won every match until the final match where he lost to Shri Agashe.  Therefore, Shri Agashe is the 2023 Chess Champion.. For fun, we had Shri play the Grandmaster, Marcus Bowie, in the advanced final match and Marcus won the Advanced Chess Trophy. Thank you to everyone who participated!  

    March Madness Bracket Contest

    Congrats to the UConn fans (Deb Asetta)!  Thank you to all that participated in the March Madness bracket challenge. There were no perfect brackets this year but our Valiant bracket winners were CJ Holtzapple (Lauren's son), Matt Raydo, Leyton Raydo (Matt's son) and Fred Agyepong-Yeboah!

    Congrats to the prize winners and we can't wait to do it again next year!  


    1st: $200 gift card / 2nd: $100 gift card / 3rd: $50 gift card / 4th: $25 gift card / Everyone: Game of Games Raffle Ticket

    Smartini Hour

    Valiant hosted a virtual Smartini Hour where we socialized and played OpinionNation Trivia, a game where you guess the most popular answer from surveyed Americans. It was neck and neck for the first few questions but eventually a couple teams pushed ahead with their best guess! Our winners received an Amazon gift card and extra chances to win in the BIG quarterly drawing! We plan to host another Smartini Hour later in 2023, so stay tuned. If you attended, please fill out this quick survey!

    Town Hall

    If you missed the July 2023 Town Hall, please watch the recording. It is filled with important company information and worth the watch!

    Poker Tournament

    The Valiant Poker Final game ended with Eric Chinn as the winner - he received a $100 gift card and the Poker Trophy! Congrats to Matt Raydo who took 2nd place and Kendra Hatfield in 3rd place.  Also let's mention all the finalists that played - Nate Raydo, Daonte Lowery (Kendra's son), John MacDonald (Sarah's husband), Tom Zarycki, Leo Trendowicz, Robert Fales (Mikelle's fiance).  

    Game of GAmes
    Trophy Winners

    An icon representing Valiant's Game of Games

    Leo Trendowicz

    EVP, Corporate IT

    Game of Games Winner (Year 1)
    Chess Champ 2020, Poker Champ 2021, Codenames Team Champ 2021

    David Ellis

    Senior Archer engineer

    Family Feud Champ 2020

    Geoff Gregory

    Chief Operating Officer

    Family Feud Champ 2020

    Marcus Bowie

    Security Engineer

    Mayor of Chess 2020 & 2022 & 2023

    Tom Zarycki

    Incident REsponse Analyst

    Jeopardy Champ 2020, Smartini Hour Team Champ 2022, Poker Champ 2022

    Cat Buchanan

    EVP, Talent &
    Culture Strategy

    Fitness Challenge for Charity Champ Fall 2021

    Katy Workman

    Technical Recruiter

    Fitness Challenge for Charity Champ Spring 2021

    Tim PUTZ

    director, Security
    Advancement & Operations

    Fitness Challenge for Charity Champ Spring 2021

    Brittany Gload

    EVP, Strategic Initiatives

    Fitness Challenge for Charity Champ Fall 2021 & Winter 2022 & Fall 2022

    Mark Williams

    It & QA Support

    Codenames Team Champ 2021

    Nate Raydo

    Government Solutions

    Chess Champ (Novice) 2022

    Kannan Chithiraputhiran

    Sr. DevSecOps Engineer

    Fitness Challenge for Charity Champ Winter 2022, Fall 2022

    Sara Wenke

    Culture & Marketing

    Fitness Challenge for Charity Champ Spring 2022, Smartini Hour Champ Spring 2022 &Fall 2022

    Drew Fields

    Technical writer

    Jeopardy Champ 2021 & 2022

    David Foli

    Technical SEcurity

    Fitness Challenge for Charity Champ Spring 2022 & Fall 202

    Shrikant Agashe

    Network Systems Lead

    Chess Champ 2023

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    Do you have a suggestion for an upcoming game or event?  Email Sara Wenke or Shea Raydo

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