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At Valiant, we pay twice per month. Pay dates are on the 8th & 23rd of each month unless that date falls on a weekend, then the pay date will be the previous Friday.
  • Time worked from the 1st - 15th of the month is paid on the 23rd  -  Timesheets are to be submitted by the 16th
  • Time worked from the 16th - end of the month is paid on the 8th - Timesheets are to be submitted by the 1st
  • Unanet Guide
Please remember to fill out your timesheets DAILY in Unanet with the actual hours worked every day and submit your timesheet on time!

Expense Reports

These are filled out and submitted monthly for all expenses that were incurred throughout the month.   Any reimbursements that are due to you are included in the payroll on the 23rd.  Please reach out to your supervisor to ask for expense report access, should you need it.  They will give us the information so that we are able to get the account set up for you.

Expense reports are due on the 7th of the month and paid on the 23rd.
Example: January expenses are due 2/7 and any reimbursements are paid on 2/23.  
‍Expense reports must be filled out for anything that you purchase on behalf of the company, whether you are using a Valiant credit card or your own personal funds.  

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