Valiant Gives Back

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Valiant Solutions is a proud supporter of CureScleroderma.Org, a charity organization that raises awareness of the disease as well as money to fund cutting-edge research related to Scleroderma and associated conditions. Scleroderma (pronounced Skleh-ro-DER-ma) literally means "hard skin". Scleroderma is an auto-immune rheumatic disease that causes the body to attack itself by hardening the skin. In 2001, Natalie's dad was diagnosed with the condition in his lungs. Slowly, his lungs are, essentially, turning to stone. In 2010, he began requiring oxygen 24/7 and is now confined to his home. He is only 66. Valiant donates thousands of dollars to Cure Scleroderma each year to help fight Scleroderma and provide hope for its sufferers.