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Federal agencies must navigate the increasing complexity of federal IT against a highly competent adversary. Cloud adoption is a decentralizing force in the agency, yet holistic security requires an enterprise focus. In addition, many agencies operate crucial legacy environments that lack the automated multi-layer defenses required to keep the adversary at bay. Agency security programs struggle for budget resources in this fast-changing arena. While federal IT executives recognize that automation is the clear path forward, many of their security programs struggle to break free from the costly human processes that consume their budgets.
Valiant’s “automate first” culture drives efficiency, controls costs, and puts agencies on the path to automated security.
Both cloud and on-premises architectures must be designed to be highly resilient, self-healing, and automated maintenance is a must. DevSecOps approaches must drive system security throughout the CI/CD pipeline. Because centralized enterprise logging precedes any holistic automated security program, it must be built to scale and to minimize data collection and storage costs. Security automation and orchestration directly combats labor costs with solutions ranging from instant system deployments, alerts, defenses, and failover.

Valiant’s big data security draws maximum value from the logging platform, running machine learning jobs against real-time data for anomaly detection and predictive threat, prompting automated defenses, and providing meaningful visualization and search for engineering analysis. Valiant’s security engineering clients enjoy an increasingly automated defense and the environment’s many billions of events-per-day become their greatest asset, not a distraction.
Valiant Solutions expertise includes:
  • Security Architecture and Design
  • DevSecOps
  • Security Automation Orchestration
  • Big Data Security
  • Application Security
  • Predictive Threat
  • Network Security Engineering
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Endpoint Security
  • BMC Security
  • Cloud Security