Innovation Suite

Valiant Solutions has developed an advanced Innovation Engine designed to drive cybersecurity advancements and support federal agencies in tackling sophisticated cyber threats. This Innovation Suite incorporates cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, such as DevSecOps, AI/ML, and automated security orchestration. By leveraging these capabilities, Valiant Solutions ensures the delivery of state-of-the-art threat detection, Zero Trust Architecture, compliance automation, and robust cloud and container security.
Ready to revolutionize your cybersecurity approach? Contact Valiant Solutions today to learn how our Innovation Suite can fortify your agency’s defenses and streamline compliance.
Our Innovation suite centralizes security management through a Big Data Security Analytics Platform, which collects and analyzes vast amounts of data to identify and mitigate threats proactively. Valiant’s automated compliance solutions streamline the validation of security controls, transforming compliance into a continuous and cost-effective process. The use of proprietary frameworks and tools, such as the Rapid ATO Framework and Firewall-as-a-Service, further enhances security postures and operational efficiency. Valiant’s commitment to innovation and its integration of sophisticated security measures position it as a leader in providing advanced cybersecurity solutions to federal agencies.
Valiant Solutions expertise includes:
  • Custom Built LLMs
  • Big Security Data Analytics Platforms
  • Firewall As a Service
  • Automated Security Controls Testing
  • Ongoing Authorization
  • Rapid ATO Frameworks
  • Streamlined SASE Workflows