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Many federal agencies face a security operations environment that lacks efficiency. The many years of fast-paced change in federal IT security combined with the changing upward reporting requirements of agencies left most with a broad security toolset. After many years, federal Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) now find themselves with too many tools, costly overlaps in many tool capabilities, and gaps elsewhere. The result is technical debt, where significant labor costs are driven simply by operating and maintaining an agency’s existing set of security tools.
Valiant helps its federal clients simplify their security operations, control their costs, and shift to value.
Valiant embraces tool integration and custom configuration as a crucial driver both for limiting labor costs and enriching data sets and capabilities within security operations programs. Our experts begin their federal agency support by immediately drawing more value out of existing tools, rather than deploy more complexity as a default. Vulnerability management tools are configured to scan against defined agency benchmarks and to automatically report and visualize data for stakeholders ranging from the engineer to the executive. Valiant’s Incident Management and SOC services bolster human labor with automated alerting, blocks, and visualizations drawn from real-time agency data sourced from multiple tools. Expert forensic analysis ensures that our clients have a thorough understanding of exploitation and provides a continuous improvement loop between incident management and new preventative solutions. Valiant’s Cyber Hunt initiatives fill gaps in our clients’ toolsets with iterative hunts through real-time agency log data to identify elusive threats.
Valiant Solutions expertise includes:
  • SOC Services
  • Incident Response
  • Incident Management
  • Penetration Testing
  • Static Code Analysis