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About Us

Founded in 2005, Valiant delivers comprehensive and customized Cybersecurity and IT services nationwide. Valiant partners with the Federal Government to overcome and stay ahead of complex information security challenges as the current pace of society and technology demands. Headquartered in North Carolina with the team spread out the United States with major hubs in Washington D.C., Texas, Colorado and Kansas City. We support remote work for employees based in the United States depending on the role and needs of the team.
Our highly-skilled consultants and engineers provide actionable, intelligent data empowering customers to manage risk with confidence. Using our security program maturity model, we work closely with customers to identify weaknesses and develop strategies to achieve improved situational awareness, security and compliance.

Valiant’s strong corporate culture and first-class benefits including professional training, certification bounty, and paid-time on attract and retain the best and brightest cybersecurity professionals. Our commitment to excellence promotes personal and professional growth and a healthy work-life balance.

Our Services

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Our holistic and integrated solutions allow customers to maintain a secure perimeter for networks and applications.
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SECURITY Operations

We utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure appropriate IT security is built in from the start and IT systems function as single units.
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rmf services

Drawing from our “automate first” security engineering roots, Valiant quickly drives efficiency in the meticulous requirements of the RMF. Consulting services for High-Value Assets and FIPS 199 categorization help customers quickly identify where to place their greatest risk assessment focus.
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enterprise it operations

Second to none, Valiant’s comprehensive cloud management approach offers customers real-time visibility, attribution, and response at the cloud service provider, operating system, and application layers for budget, operations, and security teams.
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Our Values

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We value people most. From providing first-class customer service to offering unrivaled employee benefits, Valiant is invested in the success of each employee, customer, and project. We share your passion for security and strive to build honest and lasting relationships.
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Our proven process incorporates our expertise with industry standards and best practices to deliver high-quality services. We stay personally engaged from initiation through closeout to ensure all requirements and expectations are met.
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Our breakthrough technologies are transforming government. Thanks to our innovative workforce that is always excelling, we will continue to remain in front of the competition.
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Our passion and commitment drives our execution. We stay clear on what matters most to ensure every step is accomplished to enhance continual performance and achieve mission success.